Hi, I'm Brittney! I like food, especially catfish, macaroni & cheese and collard greens. I have a love for Bourbon and all things cheesy. I've been cooking since I was 3 years old. My great-grandmother, Hazel, taught me most of what I know and my grandmother, Willie Lee, taught me the rest. I am fierce in the kitchen and I curse a lot (you'll see expletives throughout my recipes).

When I'm not in my kitchen or with my team developing recipes for you to try, I'm working with teachers and students. Yes, that's right, I'm an Educator! I used to teach high school, but now, I'm more focused into the administrative side of things. I live with my family in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. I have the cutest yorkie ever... his name is Picasso and he's the official taste tester of unseasoned food.

There was a period in my life where I was extremely grief stricken and  I didn't sleep for months and endured panic attacks in the day time. Humble Beginnings Food came after I lost my person. The most important person in the world to me and because I couldn't verbally express myself and Bourbon gets expensive, I began baking and cooking more. I used to cook 3 times a week but now its daily. I cook to relieve stress and release the pain and sorrow I feel. I cook for love. I cook. 

Most of the time, I cook while singing loudly to 90s R&B with my hair tied up. I love white t-shirts, black cotton panties and thunderstorms. Cooking is a joy, it's my time to think and reflect... it's my therapy! If I forgot anything let me know.


Humble Beginnings. The house on the right is the home that my great grandmother raised her family. It was a little 2 bedroom pink house on a dirt road in Moscow, Arkansas and it started it all. It wasn't much, but it was everything. Without that house, my life wouldn't be what it is today. While I do not live a high profile life, I always want to pay homage to my start. That little run down pink house with the weeds growing wild has been torn down in real life and the only proof of its existence is here... with me.

I try to stay true to me and give thanks for the smaller things that turned out to become larger miracles. I have to remember that Humble Beginnings started in a home with a woman named Hazel who did not have much, but she had lots of love to give & I was one of the many recipients of that love. Watch me work and respect me for my greatness! My food will humble you from the first bite. Peace and Blessings to each of you following along.